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Nicholas Spacks 07/26/2010

Posted on July 26, 2010 at 3:20 PM

I was a little skeptical of this company as they are the only movers with a straight 5 star rating but I'm glad I put my skepticism aside and gave them a call. First thing first (this is just a personal preference) but I would much rather a company like this who gives you a flat rate upfront rather than an hourly estimate especially when most reviews for other companies complain about how far the estimate was off and how they don't add their truck and gas fees in until your stuff is already on their truck. Plus with hourly it's in their best interest to go nice and slow. As far as my move; I had a move set with another company for Saturday which turned out to be the day hurricane Irma arrived and the other company canceled on me that Thursday (which was understandable, it was a big hurricane). I found Best USA movers and gave them a call Thursday night. They scheduled me for Saturday morning even though the hurricane was supposed to start that afternoon. I spoke with George who was extremely hands on though the whole experience. With such a tight timeframe he went above and beyond to make it happen, answering my calls far after business hours, contacting me with ETAs of the truck, and following up to make sure the movers lived up to these 5 stars. The movers were right on time and really hustled to get it all done before the rain. This turned out to be a life saver because my house was without power for the next 8 days which would have made the move extremely difficult if I had rescheduled with the original company. These guys were extremely polite. Everything was wrapped and fragile items were protected. They made sure everything was where I wanted it before they left. They came through in a pinch and I would recommend them to anyone. I need to move a storage unit in the next few weeks and these guys are my go to.

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