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Alana C. Maitland, FL 12/19/2009

Posted on December 19, 2009 at 8:35 AM

FIVE STAR MOVING COMPANY FOR SURE! This has been the best experience ever!I highly recommend Best USA Movers for any move you have. I was so relieved because my apartment complex kept pushing back my move in date making everything so stressful for me and finding movers last minute that were available and reasonable was hard. Some of the prices out there were outrageous! I was so grateful that their prices were more than reasonable, they worked extremely quick, brought plenty of manpower on site, provided excellent customer service, were very respectful and they moved everything with great care. They were probably the best movers I've ever had of all the times I've moved.If you want to hire movers that will get the job done and make it a smooth and not stressful experience definitely go with them! Thank you so much to the wonderful team! I'm so glad I checked them out, no wonder they had 5 stars. Thank you guys!!!

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